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Stylish adult size Patch Pizazz Eye Patch with Straps modelled by woman

Eye Patches with Straps are designed for the specialist medical needs of pre or post eye surgery, injury, double vision, lost eye and occlusion therapy (the treatment of amblyopia, lazy eye, and strabismus).
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Your comfort is important to us. Our patches are designed especially to meet criteria important to you

Design Criteria:

  • Made of soft leather and stylish cotton or silk cloth, or all leather, for comfort and durability
  • Block all of the eye’s vision for maximum effectiveness with occlusion therapy
  • Strong leather straps with a cord lock fastener, for a comfortable, secure, and adjustable fit
  • No uncomfortable elastic bands
  • No hard edges to irritate skin
  • No interference with hair styles
  • Great selection of styles to choose from
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

Dorothy – bought it as a gift. Remarkable results. My friend is extremely please with the product.
Mitch from Canada

How the Eye Patch with Straps works

Like a pirate patch, our Strap Patch covers the whole eye. The patch contours away from the eye to prevent irritation of the eye lashes and minimal contact with the sensitive skin around the eye. An Occluder Seal sits against the nose and cheek area to aid comfort, occlude vision and prevent peeking.

The straps are made of strong leather and are fastened at the back of the head with a cord lock. A soft leather pad sits under the cord lock for comfort and to prevent hair tangling in the lock. The adjustable fastener allows for quick adjustment for a secure fit, and is easy for children to manage. The leather straps are so much more comfortable to wear than an elastic band.

Eye to be Patched

When children need an eye patch to help treat lazy eye, amblyopia and strabismus, you will be patching the child’s GOOD eye to make the bad eye work (unless otherwise stated by your health professional).  When we ask for the eye to be patched please identify the child’s good eye – the child’s left or right.  NOT your left or right when you are looking at the child.

What is the Occluder Seal?

The occluder seal is a special design feature of Patch Pizazz eye patches. Its purpose is to occlude vision and prevent peeking by sealing between the nose/cheek area and the patch. It is made of soft leather, so it is very comfortable. It does not interfere with the eye or the eyelashes.

Consider these additional benefits:
The Occluder Seal aids in the comfort of wearing our Strap Patch. Its soft curve enables the patch to sit off the face so the harder edges to the patch do not irritate the skin around the eye.

The overall look and style of the eye patch is not disadvantaged by the Occluder Seal as the seal is sewn to the underside of the patch, and only the edge of it may show on the outside. The occluder seal adds to the visual impact of the eye patch as it demonstrates thought and purpose of design for user comfort and effectiveness. (The Occluder Seal can be trimmed to size if required.)

Thank you for this order which arrived today. Only four days to get from New Zealand to Northern Ireland is pretty fast! The eye patch itself is the most comfortable one I have worn and I shall certainly recommend you to my family and friends.
Alan Lynas from Northern Ireland

What are they made of?

Eye Patch with Straps are made with an under layer of soft leather, and an upper layer of cotton or silk cloth, or all leather. The straps are made from strong kangaroo hide. We use quality materials: 100% cotton or silk fabrics, and New Zealand made leather – Deer Nappa.

We source our leather from New Zealand Light Leathers; the world’s only farmed deer leather specialist.

“At New Zealand Light Leathers we pride ourselves in demonstrating and promoting environmental, economic and social stewardship – to uphold the reputation of your brand, to give your customers peace of mind, and for the sustainable future of our generations to follow. This means we only work with farmed New Zealand Deer that have been grown as nature intended by accredited New Zealand farmers.”

The leather colours are white or black.  We match the leather under layer colour to what looks best with the upper layer.  If you want a particular leather colour (black or white), please let us know by emailing us your request when you order.

Style Selection

We have a great selection of styles to choose from. Cotton fun fabrics for children and  silk, cotton, or all leather for adults. (Adults are free to choose the fun fabrics too!)

The cotton designs displayed in the selection are scans of the fabric from which the eye patches are made. We take special care to ensure all our eye patches display a feature of the fabric but cannot guarantee you will received that part of the design you may have liked.

If you would like to receive your eye patch with a particular feature of the design, please email us your request with SPECIAL REQUEST in the subject line.

For example: You would like to order an eye patch with the “Glitter Wings” design, but your daughter would specifically like a pink butterfly – please email this request including your name and order number and we will do our best to meet your request.

At the age of 33 I think its great that Patch Pizazz provides not only for children but also for us adults!  Thank you so so so much!
Shannon Sigmund

What sizes do they come in?

Our Eye Patches with Straps come in two sizes: Child and Adult. Both child and adult sizes have adjustable cord lock fasteners with a soft leather pad at the back of the head.

Child sizes have an additional strap across the top of the head to support the side straps and prevent them from slipping.
Securing the attachment at the base of the head is recommended for young children.  Attached in this position, the strap cannot slip up or down as it sits snug in the curve at the top of the neck.

Adult Size Measurements:  The actual patch sits at 58mm high and 77mm wide.  The occluder seal flap extends out beyond the patch by approximately 15 – 20mm but can be trimmed to size if too big.  The leather strap is approximately 790mm in length.
If these measurements still do not meet your requirements we can custom make a larger one for you – either by providing a wider flap or a larger patch, or both.

For people with long hair the straps can be worn under hair styles and fasten at the base of the head (much like you would wear a head band). Hair can be styled in the desired way, and the eye patch straps are concealed under the hair.

Will it fit under my Glasses?

It is possible the Strap Patch will fit under your glasses.  It really depends on how far off the face your glasses sit and whether or not there is room for the cupped shape of the patch underneath them –  without upsetting the glasses.  You will have to try it to know for sure.  If you wear glasses all the time, we recommend you purchase an Eye Patch for Glasses.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee our patches. If you are not completely satisfied with your Patch Pizazz, just return it within two weeks (for New Zealand) and one month (for overseas) and we will refund your money or offer you a replacement. Please view our Returns Policy for more details.

Patch Pizazz eye patches are designed and made in New Zealand.
Registered New Zealand Design