Eye Patch Testimonials

Kathryn and her son, age 3 (Child Eye Patch for Glasses)
He wore it today for two hours, no complaints! Couldn’t keep the last one on for even ten minutes. Keep doing what you do ūüôā

Heather from the UK (Adult Eye Patch with Straps)
The eye patches flew very quickly to Cornwall UK and I am thrilled will the result.
I have double vision and the patch has made life so much easier Рthank goodness for the ingenuity of you wonderful kiwis.  Many thanks.

Heidi from Australia (Child Eye Patch for Glasses)
I was thrilled when my cousin put me onto your lovely company after she ordered a patch for her daughter and has since been enjoying great success with it. The fact that my daughter’s second cousin has one of your patches has made the whole transition into this very new process a whole lot easier, so far, for us all. They are going to have skype sessions together wearing their patches, which I think is just gorgeous!! Thank you for creating such a functional and wonderful product that makes kid’s (and parent’s) lives easier.

Dan from United States (Adult Eye Patch with Straps)

Wanted to let you know the patches arrived yesterday afternoon. They far exceeded my expectations. They are comfortable, great looking (for an eye patch) and far better than those I found in the US drugstores. Thanks for a job well done!

Barbara from United States (Adult Eye Patch with Straps)

The patch has made all the difference. Now we can go out to dinner and my husband looks dashing and is comfortable as well.

Rugby Coach Andrew Strawbridge:  Wearing an Eye Patch with Straps, Koru design. Watch his incredible story on TVNZ Sunday

Jennie from New Zealand (Child’s Eye Patch for Glasses)
Thank you so much for our recent order.  We purchased a fairy dust patch for my daughters glasses (4 years).   She loves it!  It is so much more comfortable for her than the sticker patches.    Such a great design, fitting perfectly over her glasses.  Such a great product, we really appreciate it!

Michelle from France (Child’s Eye Patch for Glasses)
I received the patch today that I ordered for my daughter. ¬†What amazingly fast delivery!!! Well, when I opened it what a fantastic eye patch. ¬†How did you get the idea….. my daughter has been wearing patches on her eye for most of her life and I found your site by accident. She was complaining that her current patch, which is also material was hurting her eye.¬† Your patch is such a simple idea and because of its shape goes over the glasses and doesn’t rub her eye. ‘Its really comfortable mummy’. ¬†I could never make her wear the plasters that the opticians give the children its bad enough that they have to wear a patch without it being a plaster. ¬†Sorry I have gone on a bit but I am so pleased with it and I wished we had found you earlier. ¬†Oh and we love the fairy pattern on the patch, very pink and girly!! ¬†Just the job!!! Thank you again for making life a little easier for my little girl.

Vivienne from New Zealand (Child’s Eye Patch for Glasses)
Just wanted to say we love the patch. We had been trying  patches on  my 5 yr old granddaughter for weeks  using cheap patches and home-made ones. None of them were acceptable for long. Your one was so pretty she accepted it immediately;  been wearing for over an hour and she hasn’t complained once about having it on. Very happy family.

Maja from New Zealand (Child’s Eye Patch for Glasses)
Just wanted to say thanks for the patch, it’s just great. Isobel says it is so much more comfortable than the adhesive eye patches we started out with, and she loves the pink fairies material. We’ve had a few comments from adults who had patches as children that they wished such cool patches had been available for them then, it really helps.
Keep up the good work ūüôā

Sonia from Malta (Child’s Eye Patch for Glasses)
I just received my daughter’s patch for glasses and I’m very pleased, both with the service and ¬†the product. My daughter usually refuses to put on her patch but as soon as she saw yours she put it on immediately, and even asked to wear it for school! The material is very soft and comfortable, and it is a good fit over her glasses. Well done.

Maureen from Canada (Child’s Eye Patch for Glasses)
I ordered an eye patch for my 7-year-old son. I wouldn’t normally contact a company to comment on their product but I thought I should give you some feedback. I ordered 4 different patches from 4 companies and none were comfortable. I kept coming back to your web site but was hesitant to order because you are so far away from us. I finally decided to go ahead and order a patch from you. ¬†We received the patch and my son loves it. ¬†It is comfortable and does not touch his eye. It was worth sending around the planet for it. Thanks

Frank from the UK (Adult Eye Patch with Straps)
I ordered 2 eye patches from your company because they are difficult to buy in the UK. Delivery was nothing short of spectacular. 5 days door to door and the quality of the patches is excellent. Thank you.

Kim from the United States (Adult Eye Patch for Glasses)
I received my glitter wings eye patch today and I wanted to let you know I love it. A friend had given me your white leather adult size over the lens eye patch for my birthday and I have been wearing it since. I had cancer surgery in February on my right eye and I am relieved to have something so comfortable to wear. Now I have two and I couldn’t be more pleased!¬† Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Natasa from Coratia (Child Eye Patch with Straps)
I received the patch (for my son, age 3) few days ago. I’m thrilled with quality, it’s well made, very soft and comfortable to wear. An additional strap is a great idea and very useful. Much better than the sticky patches!¬† I would highly recommend patchpizazz to everyone. Thank you so much.

Peter from the UK (Adult Eye Patch with Straps)
Just a quick note to say that the patches have arrived OK and how delighted I am with them. They look great, are well made and fit perfectly. Incredible that there is nothing like that available in the UK and that they had to travel half way around the world. A big HONGI, Peter.

Boulieris Thomas from Greece (Adult Eye Patch with Straps)
I received the eye patch today and I’d like to thank you about the quality of the product.
It’s just fine.

Alan Lynas from Northern Ireland (Adult Eye Patch with Straps)
Thank you for this order which arrived today. Only four days to get from New Zealand to Northern Ireland is pretty fast! The eye patch itself is the most comfortable one I have worn and I shall certainly recommend you to my family and friends.

Mitch from Canada (Adult Eye Patch with Straps)
Dorothy Рbought it as a gift. Remarkable results. My friend is extremely please with the product. Thanxxxxxx

Paul from New Zealand (Adult Eye Patch for Glasses)
I received the patch to wear with my prescription glasses last Saturday. Just want to say, ‚Äúit is awesome.‚ÄĚ Wow, a lot of thought has gone into both patches, but the one to wear with glasses is so good. I will keep you posted.

Stephanie (GP and Mother from Auckland)
My three year old has several of your patches and she thinks they are fantastic. Every morning she picks which one she wants to wear and I have found this a good way of giving her some control over the patching. Her eye sight in her poor eye has improved hugely in a short time since using your patches and I do not hesitate in recommending your patches to all my patients as they are so comfortable and superbly made – thank you!

Michele from Germany
The patches were received today. They are fabulous! I would order from your company 100x over! Thank you again!

Dr Stephen Hing, Ophthalmologist, Children’s Hospital Med Centre, NSW Australia
In my Paediatric Ophthalmology practice Patch Pizazz patches have been welcomed by parents. Because the patches sit on the outside of the spectacle frame, they do not touch the eyelashes and irritate the child. They cover all corners preventing the child from “cheating” and patients have fun choosing from the great range of patterns and colours.

Lora Parsons, Orthoptist
I have seen a number of children that have had such an improvement with compliance and their vision while using patchpizazz eye patches. They comfortably fit over the child’s glasses, eliminate peeking, and have great fun designs to appeal to boys and girls of all ages. I highly recommend patchpizazz.

Roger Apperley of Barry & Beale Optometrists
You certainly have produced a high quality and effective occluder.¬†This will give the best chance I’ve seen in almost forty years of practice in gaining maximum compliance with occlusion therapy.¬†Now that I have recommended its use by patients they really are compliant with occlusion and love the designs.

Shannon Sigmund (Adult Eye Patch with Straps)
After having to wear an eye patch for the last 12 months due to a tumor behind my left eye, I decided to see if I can find an eye patch which had more personality and comfort than your average eye patch you buy at the chemist. To my absolute delight I found patchpizazz. The customer service I received was amazing and I could not be happier with the product that I received. The eye patches are not only extremely comfortable but also fun and stylish and I highly recommend patchpizazz. At the age of 33 I think its great that patchpizazz provides not only for children but also for us adults! Thank you so so so much!

Mother to Jackson.
Patchpizazz makes Jackson feel less self conscious while at school. His patch stays on all day, and we have had a great improvement in 6 months. We will be patching for quite some time to come though. Thank you for your quality, well made product.

Sandra Palmer
We have tried patching with tape and a felt patch with our 3 year old daughter, but both were problematic. She has very sensitive skin and all the tape patches we tried (every brand we could find!) caused her to react with red, raw, weepy skin. The felt patch was stiff and uncomfortable, and made her glasses sit crooked.  She kept pulling it off. The patchpizzaz patch is working better. Many thanks, Sandra.

Caroline, mother to Cody aged 7
We have found patchpizazz wonderful, and easy to use. Cody wears his patch to school in the mornings and found most of his classmates wanted one too! Much easier than using the sticky patches. The benefits of patching with patchpizazz are great and they work.

Tania, Ashley-Mae’s Mum
Ashley-Mae loves her patches so much that she likes to wear them even when she dosen’t have to!¬† She likes the comments that people make to her about her patches.

Julie (from Auckland)
We are having great success patching Stefan’s eye.¬† We are in the habit of patching in the morning before school.¬† Often we leave the house and Stefan still has it on with no complaints!¬† Hopefully we will see some improvements when we next see the specialist.¬†I will let you know.¬†If anyone ever mentions that they need to patch their child’s eye I will definately recommend patchpizazz.

Nicki (and Ashleigh) White
I had another appointment for Ashleigh yesterday and it’s prompted me to write.¬†We have had some lovely progress with the ‘naughty’ eye getting heaps stronger.¬†8 weeks till the next appointment and fingers crossed we will be starting to phase the patch out.¬†While she hasn’t been a roll model of a user apart from at School, the real reason I’m writing is the comments I have had from people about what a cool patch!¬†It’s surprising how many people either had a child who was patched, or were patched themselves and they say ‘if only I had one like that’!

Jayden’s Mum.
The patches are great. With so many designs there is something to interest every child. They are easy to attach to the glasses, easy to clean, and we have had no problems getting Jayden to wear it. Thank you.

T. Willis
We have tried lots of different patches and this one seems to create less drama.  Its a lot softer and easy to wear, and its great to see the cool designs.

Karmel, mother to Fynn aged 5.
Fynn isn’t worried about wearing his patch.¬†Often people comment on his ‚Äúcool patch‚ÄĚ.¬†Not much worries Fynn as he has had a life full of eczema, asthma and eye problems; but he takes it in his stride.¬†It’s nice to know that we have a great product that is not going to effect his skin when it’s removed!!

Amber, mother to Jaime aged 4.
My daughter has two of your fun designs, and enjoys matching them to the clothes she is wearing each day.

Jenny, mother to Melissa, age 5.
I have found patchpizazz so much better than the sticky eye patches. There is no battle with putting the patch on, and it looks better. Also, when you weigh the cost of the sticky patches and how often you need them, patchpizazz is worth the money.