Eye Patch for Glasses: Fitting and Washing Instructions

Fitting Eye Patch for Glasses

With underside of patch facing, slide glasses tip under occluder seal, through chosen slit and out of end opening. Move patch up to cover lens.

Lift occluder seal to sit on nose side of nose pad. If your glasses have nose pads – slip elastic loop loosely over nose pad on opposite lens. (If necessary shorten by twisting loop.)

Turn occluder seal back on itself toward nose pad and hold in position while putting glasses on. Check occluder seal is sitting flat and is sealing around nose and cheek area.

Washing Instructions

Patch Pizazz eye patches are durable and washable.

Happy young person wearing patch pizazz eye patch

  • Wash sparingly, by hand, in cold water using a mild detergent (dish washing detergent). DO NOT SOAK.
  • Rinse well and squeeze out excess water.
  • Reshape and lay to dry with the occluder seal toward the centre of the patch.
  • Dry away from direct heat.
  • To re-soften the dried leather, gently work it with your hands.