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Reusable Designer Eye Patches for Children and Adults

A boy wearing a stylish colorful eye patch for glasses

Quality cloth and leather eye patches approved by Eye Specialists for the treatment of lazy eye amblyopia, strabismus, post surgery and double vision.

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We know from experience that eye patching is difficult for children – and near impossible if the patch is uncomfortable to wear. Getting your child to willing wear their eye patch is critical to improving their vision. Kids and adults love wearing Patch Pizazz for Glasses because the patches attach outside the spectacle frame so are comfortable, reusable and fun!

  • Minimal contact with the skin because Patch Pizazz attaches outside the glasses
  • Block all of the eye’s vision for maximum effectiveness with patching therapy
  • Made of soft leather and stylish cotton or silk cloth, so are durable and washable
  • Slips on easily over glasses and fastens securely
  • Great selection of styles to choose from
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

He wore it today for two hours, no complaints! Couldn’t keep the last one on for even ten minutes. Keep doing what you do 🙂



How Patch Pizazz for Glasses works

Close up of the Patch Pizazz for Glasses Occluder seal
Our Eye patch for Glasses is worn with spectacles, is reusable and washable.

We differ from other reusable patches by having no fabric layer on the inside of the lens to irritate eye lashes and sensitive skin.

An occluder seal sits against the nose and cheek area to block vision and prevent “peeking”.

There is minimal contact with the skin around the eye as the patch is supported by the glasses – not by the face! The patch is mounted securely on the glasses frame and cannot slip. Our patches do require the glasses to be fitted correctly so they do not slide down the nose.

Eye to be Patched

When children need an eye patch to help treat lazy eye, amblyopia and strabismus, you will be patching the child’s GOOD eye to make the bad eye work (unless otherwise stated by your health professional).  When we ask for the eye to be patched please identify the child’s good eye – the child’s left or right.  NOT your left or right when you are looking at the child.

What is the Occluder Seal?

Plan view of the leather Occluder Seal in eye patches for glassesThe occluder seal is a special design feature of Patch Pizazz eye patches. Its purpose is to prevent peeking by sealing between the nose/cheek area and the patch. It is made of soft leather, so it is very comfortable. It does not interfere with the eye or the eyelashes.

We have found Patch Pizazz wonderful, and easy to use. Cody wears his patch to school in the mornings and found most of his classmates wanted one too!  The benefits of patching with Patch Pizazz are great and they work.
Caroline, mother to Cody aged 7

Endorsed by Eye Specialists

Our eye patches are approved by eye specialists with our Eye Patch for Glasses growing in popularity with children, parents, ophthalmologist, orthoptists and optometrists for its performance with occlusion therapy – where patching the ‘good eye’ is effective in the treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, and double vision in children.

In my Paediatric Ophthalmology practice Patch Pizazz patches have been welcomed by parents. Because the patches sit on the outside of the spectacle frame, they do not touch the eyelashes and irritate the child. They cover all corners preventing the child from “cheating” and patients have fun choosing from the great range of patterns and colours.
Dr Stephen Hing, Ophthalmologist Childrens Hospital Med Centre, NSW Australia

I have seen a number of children that have had such an improvement with compliance and their vision while using Patch Pizazz eye patches.  They comfortably fit over the child’s glasses, eliminate peeking, and have great fun designs to appeal to boys and girls of all ages.  I highly recommend Patch Pizazz.
Lora Parsons, Orthoptist

This will give the best chance I’ve seen in almost forty years of practice in gaining maximum compliance with occlusion therapy.
Roger Apperley of Barry & Beale Optometrists

What are they made of?

Eye Patch for Glasses are made with an under layer of soft leather, and an upper layer of cotton or silk cloth, or all leather. We use quality materials: 100% cotton or silk fabrics, and New Zealand grown leather – Deer Nappa.

We source our leather from New Zealand Light Leathers; the world’s only farmed deer leather specialist.

“At New Zealand Light Leathers we pride ourselves in demonstrating and promoting environmental, economic and social stewardship – to uphold the reputation of your brand, to give your customers peace of mind, and for the sustainable future of our generations to follow. This means we only work with farmed New Zealand Deer that have been grown as nature intended by accredited New Zealand farmers.”

The leather colours are white or black.  We match the leather under layer colour to what looks best with the upper layer.  If you want a particular leather colour (black or white), please let us know by emailing us your request when you order.

Style Selection

We have a great selection of styles to choose from. Cotton fun fabrics for children and silk, cotton, or all leather for adults. (Adults are free to choose the fun fabrics too!) When kids can choose their own design and are proud of what they wear, your patching battle is half won!

The cotton designs displayed in the selection are scans of the fabric from which the eye patches are made.  We take special care to ensure all our eye patches display a feature of the fabric but cannot guarantee you will received that part of the design you may have liked.  If you would like to receive your eye patch with a particular feature of the design, please email us your request with SPECIAL REQUEST in the subject line.

For example: You would like to order an eye patch with the “Glitter Wings” design, but your daughter would specifically like a pink butterfly – please email this request including your name and order number and we will do our best to meet your request.

What Sizes do they come in?

Eye Patch for Glasses come in sizes to suit everyone.  The Child and Small Child sizes are stock items, and the adult sizes are custom made to measurement. To ensure you order the correct size for your child and to measure for adult sizes, please read the sizing requirements below and view our  Measurement guide.

Child Size:
This size Fits children aged two years and older, with frame measurements less than 57mm wide and 37mm high. With the latest trend in large plastic frames for children, your child’s glasses may require a custom made adult size patch if the measurements are greater than those listed above.  Our Measurement Guide will help you measure this size.  Slits in the under layer of the patch allow for the different frame sizes within this range.

Small Child Size:
This size is for the tiny tots – generally under two years old, or children with small facial features who require the smallest sizing in frames of less than 42mm wide. Please view our Measurement Guide.

Patch Pizazz makes Jackson feel less self-conscious while at school. His patch stays on all day, and we have had great improvement in six months.  Thank you for your quality, well made product.
Mother to Jackson

Adult Eye Patch for Glasses

If you are an adult with glasses and prefer an eye patch without straps then our Eye Patch for Glasses is for you too!

I received the patch to wear with my prescription glasses last Saturday. Just want to say, “it is awesome.” Wow, a lot of thought has gone into both patches, but the one to wear with glasses is so good. I will keep you posted.
Paul from New Zealand

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What if my glasses don’t have nose pads?

Our eye patch for glasses are very effective If you have plastic frames that don’t have nose pads. The occluder seal does not interfere with the eye and the patch is securely mounted on the frame to prevent slipping.  Your patch will arrive with an elastic loop.  This loop can be carefully removed with scissors if not required.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee our patches. If you are not completely satisfied with your Patch Pizazz, just return it within two weeks (for New Zealand) and one month (for overseas) and we will refund your money or offer you a replacement. Please view our Returns Policy for more details.

Patch Pizazz eye patches are designed and made in New Zealand.
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