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If you’re reporting a technical issue please supply all relevant details so we are able to pinpoint where the problem is:
1. Your browser and platform
e.g. Chrome 61 on Windows 10
2. What page are you on
e.g. The second page of the Shop after choosing ‘Patches for Glasses’ option – 2 CHOOSE YOUR PATCH FOR GLASSES
3. What the issue is, what error messages if any you are getting, at what point in the process this is happening, and what you may have tried to remedy the problem.
e.g. I’m ordering an Adult Eye Patch in the Moss Silk design and when I click on ‘Next’ the page doesn’t change. I’ve tried going back to the previous page, clearing my browser cache and starting again, but the same thing happens.
4. Any other details you think might be relevant
Thank you.

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