Patchpizazz: Our Mission & Story

Our Mission

Patch Pizazz specialise in providing quality eye patches for children and adults. Our mission is to offer comfort and style for the visually impaired, improve children’s vision and relieve the stress associated with occlusion therapy; through the design, manufacture and marketing of comfortable, stylish, quality eye patches.

Our Story

Patch Pizazz is a family owned New Zealand Company. We are based in the village of Springfield in Canterbury (near Christchurch) in the South Island of New Zealand, where we design and manufacture our eye patches often custom making to individual needs. We use quality materials: 100% cotton or silk fabrics, and New Zealand made leather – Deer Nappa. The straps on our Strap Patch are made of strong kangaroo hide. Following is the story of how Patch Pizazz came about:

Patch Pizazz Eye Patch for Glasses was an ‘invention born of necessity’ as two of our four children required eye patching. While patching with pad and tape, our daughter bore her eye patching discomfort well enough, but we finished with it as soon as we could – with little improvement to her vision. Our son (who was three at the time) was different. It wasn’t long before it was a real struggle getting him to wear a patch. He made so much fuss that we were on the verge of giving up.

We all want our children to see well, and will do all that we can to improve their sight, but after 6 years of messing with patches and tapes, and struggling to get our children to wear uncomfortable patches, we needed an alternative. We sought other options, but found nothing suitable. Joel didn’t like fabric touching the sensitive skin around his eyes. He also didn’t like his eyelashes touching fabric on the inside of the lens. He wanted the patches to look cool so he could be proud to wear them. So instead of giving up, we decided to put our experience into action and develop an eye patch that was comfortable, reusable, and fun! Joel helped a lot by telling us when it was the wrong shape, when he could see out, when it was too big, and when it was boring. He also told me that for it to look cool it had to have spaceships, robots or cars. Joel has had no trouble wearing his patch and his vision has improved significantly.

Patch Pizazz Eye Patch with Straps was developed after repeat inquiries for a fun, comfortable eye patch for children and a stylish patch for adults who don’t wear glasses.

For parents who’s children struggle with occlusion therapy, we hope Patch Pizazz can help you win your battles, and make those seeing goals attainable.

If you require an eye patch for medical reasons or injury, Patch Pizazz offers the comfort and style you are looking for.

Kind regards
Dorothy Innes, Director, PatchPizazz Limited